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Performance Parts

Sam Motors Thailand is not only Thailand's oldest and largest auto exporter but also its largest accessories and spare parts wholesaler exporter.

Here are some of the performance parts we recommend for your Vigo and other vehicles.

Air Filters

It is essential to replace your air filter, fuel filter and oil filter on a regular basis to keep your engine running optimally. Sam has both genuine manufacturer and OEM air filters at guaranteed best prices. When you feed your engine cleaner air it operates more efficiently. Our high-flow air filters increase your engine’s horsepower, torque and fuel economy by letting it breathe-in more performance-enhancing oxygen. At the same time, advanced materials such as porous foam, cotton-gauze or cotton fabric filter out harmful particles that can choke your performance and degrade your engine. 

Oil Filters

oil filtersFirst, it was the plain old air filter that was reworked into a performance machine with top-end filtration prowess. The next revolution: performance oil filters. These dandies not only filter better, you’ll feel the difference versus a plain old part. Performance oil filters from Sam present another fine feature: quality. We’ve selected performance oil filters from the best companies in the world—filters which have been engineered to withstand the rigors of redline racing. From the seals to the threads to the filter medium itself, our oil filters beat their parts store competition lap for lap and mile for mile. Keeping the oil flowing cleaner, faster, and at consistent pressure—you couldn’t ask for more from a performance oil filter. Here at Soni, we give you every reason to pick up a few performance oil filters, grab your wrench and get to it! Beyond quality you can trust, beyond filtration that’s second-to-none, our performance oil filters give you another gift: an awesome price. That’s because we routinely beat list price to a pulp, ensuring the best deals on the road for all of our oil filters. So for your next 3,000 miles and beyond, take a few performance oil filters from Sam along for the drive.

Air Intake kits

Replace engine-asphyxiating OEM parts with high-flow air intake kits, performance filters and helix-bore spacers. They’re like a breath of fresh air that’ll get your engine pumping. You’ll discover gains in horsepower, torque and even fuel economy. When you feed your engine cooler, cleaner air it’s able to deliver more power. Our high-flow air intake kits, filters and systems increase your engine’s horsepower, torque and fuel economy by letting it breathe-in more performance-enhancing oxygen for an improved air/fuel mixture. The secret behind boosted airflow is the team of an advanced cone filter and custom mandrel-bent tubing that eliminates restrictions. All of our air intake performance products are easy to install and they’re precision-built for your specific year, make and model, so they fit like the came from the factory.

Brakes and Brake Pads

Slam on the brakes and look no further than Sam for all of your rotor, pad, or complete brake kit needs. Get the stopping power, style, and performance you demand with our selection of brakes and brake systems. Whether you’re after just parts or a complete big brake kit, Sam has brakes and brake systems custom designed for your vehicle. All of our brakes and brake systems are custom designed for your specific vehicle, meaning they fit like a charm and work with your stock setup without hassle. And, if you’ve traded in your tiny stock donuts for a set of high-rollin’ 20” or larger wheels, our big brake kits clamp down without having to replace your original calipers. We have performance pads, too, designed to slow down modern sleds with all the extra horsepower upgrades that exceed the power of stock systems. Whether you’re after cutting-edge performance, eye-catching style or stop-on-dime power, Sam has your brakes and brake systems just a click away and all at a fraction of the price you will get at your local dealer.

brake rotorsBrake Rotors
Upgrade your stock brakes with the radical look and tight grip of racecar-inspired rotors. Our brakes make stopping stylish and sure

brake pads from Thailand's largest spare parts and accessories exporterBrake Pads Performance
Brake Pads clamp-down on your high-horsepower ride with more vigor than standard pads

big brake kits from Thailand's largest spare parts and accessories exporterBig Brake Kits
Halt your oversized wheels in a hurry with our big brakes kits. They add greater leverage to your brakes for faster stopping power

performance brake kits from Thailand's largest spare parts and accessories  exporterPerformance Brake Kits
Performance brake kits bolster your brake pedal and bring attention to your wheel wells. Sbest in style with lightning-fast response

brake accessories from Thailand's largest spare parts and accessories exporterBrake Accessories
Dial in your pedal prowess with these brake accessories and get the power to fine tune your stoppers for maximum performance

performance brake calipers from Thailand's largest spare parts and accessories exporterPerformance Brake Calipers
Put the squeeze on your rotors with a race-inspired caliper upgrade. These calipers put the performance in performance braking

Cooling Performance

Performance cooling products from Sam keep heat in check so you can keep on towing, touring, racing, hauling, pulling, destroying or just plain cruising. Our performance coolers always have an eye on vital fluid temps, keeping your engine safe. The ugliness of massive part damage and premature failure is something you’ll never want to see. Without a performance cooler in your engine compartment, you’re much more likely to warp a piston head, burn-out the transmission or wreck any other part that relies on cool, slick fluid. Compare this scenario to life with a performance cooler on your side. When fluid temps get high, a performance cooler acts to reduce heat and keep vital liquids flowing. You can tow longer, haul more and race without reservation with a performance cooler on your side. Best yet, performance coolers from Sam are available for taming the temps of virtually any automotive fluid. From transmission fluid to vital engine oil and even differential fluid, trust the reputable brands in our stable of performance coolers to safeguard your power plant from doom. And, our performance coolers and cooling accessories keep your wallet from overheating, thanks to our awesome prices.

Exhausts, Mufflers and Tips

Let the beast under your hood roar with more raw power. An upgraded exhaust system gives your engine more growl, plus serious gains in horsepower and torque. Whether you’re after more towing power or you want to blow the competition off the line, our exhaust systems are ready to get your engine growling. We have your exhaust system covered from the manifold to the tip, too, with custom headers, efficient catalytic converters, rumbling mufflers and hot exhaust tips. There’s never an issue with fit—all of our or cat-back exhaust systems are designed specifically for your year, make and model for headache-free mounting. And, all-custom instructions come with our exhausts and headers. Look to our wide array of exhaust tips to finish the job. Turn up the power, let the sweet sound roar and proudly show off your ride with confidence—not just in your new powerful exhaust, but also in the deal!

performance exhaust system from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterPerformance Exhaust Systems
Bolt on a ferocious performance exhaust system for big power boosts and a mean rumble. Our single and dual exhaust systems are custom-made for your vehicle.

exhaust headers from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterExhaust Headers Our performance headers add lethal performance to your exhaust system. On road or off, exhaust system headers deliver huge power

mufflers from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterMufflers
T Tune your exhaust system’s tone to perfection with a hi-flow muffler. From thunderous to subtle, our mufflers range from wild to mild

crossover pipes from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterCrossover Pipes and Collectors
Equip your exhaust system with an X pipe or Y pipe for colossal power and efficiency gains. Push your exhaust system to its peak

dual exhaust tips from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterDual Exhaust Tips/span>
Treat your exhaust system's tailpipe with a double-dose of style with a dual exhaust tip. Choose from numerous excitingly shaped tips

oval exhaust tips from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterOval Exhaust Tips
FFinish your exhaust system with a classy, unique oval exhaust tip. The tip’s subtle curves add a sophisticated edge to your tailpipe

round exhaust tips from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterRound Exhaust Tips
Polish off your exhaust system’s image with a round exhaust tip. These polished tips add classic hotrod style to your street machine

square exhaust tips from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterSquare Exhaust Tips/span>
Complete your exhaust system with the edgy look of a square exhaust tip. These distinctly shaped tips let your automobile stand out

catalytic converters from Soni Motors - Thailand's largest vehicle, accessories and performance parts exporterCatalytic Converters
C Clean up your exhaust system’s act with a quality catalytic converter. Our durable catalytic converters fit into just about any exhaust system

diesel exhaust systemsDiesel Exhaust Systems
Tow harder, climb faster and sound tougher with a performance diesel exhaust system. Plus, these exhaust systems improve your rig’s MPG d>

Fuel System

Swap out engine-stifling OEM parts with high-flow, high performance fuel injectors and fuel pumps. You’ll discover explosive gains in horsepower and torque you can really feel. When you feed your engine more fuel it’s able to deliver more fiery power. Our high-flow, high performance fuel injectors and fuel pumps boost your engine’s horsepower and torque by delivering more gasoline or diesel to create a fuel mixture with serious punch. Our fuel system upgrades don’t merely over-fuel your engine, either—painstaking effort and engineering are used to produce a safe upgrade that doesn’t damage engine parts. No magic bottle of cleaner or jet fuel from the mega mart can match these insane power gains—upgrading your fuel system is the hottest way to set-off horsepower you can feel in the seat of your pants. All of our fuel system products are precision-built for your specific year, make and model, so they fit like the came from the factory.

fuel injectorsFuel Injectors
Tune your fuel system with hi-flow fuel injectors to harness your motor's lost power. They optimize your fuel system for a huge boost in thrust.

fuel pumpsFuel Pumps
Ramp up your fuel system with a performance fuel pump for jaw-dropping power output. They remove the bottleneck from your fuel system

Performance Chips

Unleash the high performance potential of your engine with Soni’s assortment of performance chips, tuners and modules. You’ll get more load-hauling horsepower, tire-turning torque and often better fuel economy. There’s a lot under that hood that isn’t being used or that can be tweaked by a performance chip or power programmer just a bit to give you serious performance increases. Hooking up performance chips, tuners and modules takes only minutes and the payoff is often stunning. Whether you’re looking for more towing power or you just want to blow everybody off the line, Sam has the performance chips, tuners and modules to give your vehicle more punch. And there’s no worry about voiding your manufacturer’s warranty, because all of our power programmers return your engine to the factory settings once unplugged. And, each of our performance chips and power programmers

power programmersPower Programmers & Performance Tuners
Attain your maximum power potential with a power programmer or performance tuner. Performance chips tune motor settings to performance levels

powertrain control modules (PCM)Powertrain Control Modules (PCM)
Free your motor from restrictive stock settings with a control module performance chip. Our performance chips open the power floodgates

performance monitorsPerformance Monitors
 Watch your torque increase and your horsepower burst through the hood. Plus, tweak setting, read trouble codes and so much more

engine management system (EMS)Engine Management System (EMS)
An engine management system is a performance chip on steroids. You get total control over system settings with this performance chip

pillar mountsPillar Mounts
Give your performance chip a cozy place to sit with a Pillar Mount. Our pillar mounts keep your performance chip always in arm's reach

Suspension kits

Raise the bar on shock cushioning comfort or lower it to street level cool with our selection of suspension systems. You can discover new elevations in a suspension lift. Our lift kits will take you and your vehicle to new heights to tower above mud bogs, climb over rocks, and tackle nearly any obstacle. Whether you’re a passionate off-roader, seasoned rock crawler, or a truck fan looking for a boosted road presence, one of Soni’s lift kits has your rig covered. Our lowering kits will bring your ride down to street level with a smooth, low profile that not only screams “current”, but also helps you save gas. Whether you’re cruising the streets in a smooth pickup, hot SUV or screamin’ sedan, we have the slam that gets you noticed. We have the shocks you’re after, too. And, all of our suspension parts are the cheapest in the world. Jack it up or drop it down now!

suspension lift kitsSuspension Lift Kits
Tower over traffic by lifting your suspension system. A taller suspension system gives you the ground clearance to tackle any trail.

levelling kitsLeveling Kits
Keep your rig on an even keel with a leveling kit. These suspension systems correct imbalanced profiles for better handling and style

lowering kitsLowering Kits
Streamline the look of your suspension system with a lowering kit. Beyond style, a dropped suspension system improves your handling.

steering componentsSteering Components
Rein in your rig’s steering and stomp out sloppy handling with suspension system steering components. From stabilizers to sway bars

suspension componentsSuspension Components
Trick out your suspension system with our components for superior handling and control. Upgrade your suspension system and hit the trails

air suspension kitsAir Suspension Kits
Ride on air—literally! Air suspension kits give you the power to adjust the degree of dampening to the right balance of support and comfort

air suspension management systemsAir Suspension Management Systems
Dial in the perfect settings for your air shocks right from the comfort of your cockpit with an air suspension management system

wheel spacersWheel Spacers
Broaden your suspension system’s wheelbase with wheel spacers for enhanced cornering. They also reduce your suspension system’s roll risk

air compressorsAir Compressors
Bolster your air springs, fill tires, and run air tools with an automotive air compressor. Pick from bolt-on and portable air compressors

coil spring spacers and block kitsCoil Spring Spacers and Block Kits
Step up your vehicle’s suspension and have plenty left over to fund your next off-road adventure with coil spring spacers and block kits

Smooth out your suspension system with our performance shocks. Your suspension system will handle like a dream with our tuned shocks

leaf springs and coil springsLeaf Springs & Coil Springs
Add stability or alter your suspension system’s height with leaf & coil springs. Each component is customized for your suspension system



Shifters have more to do with the feel and power of your ride than you might have thought. Sure, power translates in the whip of your neck and grabs you by the seat of the pants, but there’s nothing like controlling that power with a race-quality shifter. That’s where our lineup of shifters can help transform your ride into a true hot rod. Whether you motor in a sporty manual or cruise with an automatic, we have the shifter that puts you on the performance map. Take our manual shifters, for example. These specially engineered pieces of pure high-speed joy make the stock stick feel like a clunky bus shifter. Reduced throw range for quick changes up and down the gears make our manual shifters true pulse-quickening performance parts. Speaking of performance, our automatic shifters give you unparalleled power control over your gear changes. And, the impressive look of these automatic shifters puts the stock plastic knob completely to shame. In addition to carrying the best automatic and manual shifter styles, Sam sticks to the best brands in the biz and of course our prices are the best in the world. Dollar for dollar and shift for shift, Soni’s shifters get your ride in gear best.

auto shifterAutomatic Shifters Automatic shifters put the pure exhilaration of a racing stick into your auto transmission ride. You get more control than ever before.

manual shifterManual Shifters Manual shifters cut the throw range of your stick drastically, giving you thrilling track-like shifts anywhere you drive

shifter accessoriesShifter Accessories Shifter accessories from Sam do your stick up right with upgraded knobs, shifter cables and more