Thailand 4x4 pickup SUV exporter importer of RHD LHD New 2009 2008 and Used Toyota Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, L200 Triton, and Nissan Navara

Thailand's and Dubai's best 4x4 Four Wheel Drive Truck and SUV Dealer - Sam Motors Thailand and Sam Motors Dubai

Sam Motors Thailand is Thailand's best 4x4 pickup truck and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) dealer and exporter and Sam Motors Dubai is Dubai's best auto dealer and best 4x4 pickup truck and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) dealer and exporter. We excel in providing all kinds of four wheel drive vehicles whether Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Drive, part time 4WD or full-time 4WD.

If we don’t have the 4x4 truck or 4x4 SUV you are looking for, we can usually find it . Currently distributors and dealers are flying in from all over the world to purchase new 4x4 pickup trucks and SUVs from Sam Motors Thailand and nearly new and used 4x4 trucks and SUVs from our used car division our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand. Sam Motors Dubai attracts customers looking for not only Right Hand Drive 4x4 trucks and SUVs but also Left Hand Drive 4x2 and 4x4 trucks, heavy trucks and SUVs as well as a ranger of other vehicles.

our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand is world's used pickups, trucks, SUV, 4x2, and 4x4 4WD offroad specialists.

The Sam Group is Offroad Driving Resource

Off road driving with four wheel drive trucks is all the rage now but if you don't have the right vehicle with right power and right accessories and gadgets your fun may be stopped in the tracks. Sam Motors Thailand can convert any ordinary 4x4 truck into an extraordinary ride. If you are looking for dream 4WD offroad vehicle you have come to the right spot. Whether you are looking for 4x4 offroad truck or 4x4 offroad SUV, Sam is the place. And you can save money by getting a diesel vehicle. Thailand is world capital of diesel 4x4 pickups and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). If you are looking for all-terrain vehicles for your off-road driving pleasure than Sam Motors Dubai can get you the ATV of your dream.

Since Sam Motors is the 4x4 King, we are interested in 4-wheeling in general and we continue to add facts and history of four wheel driving. Our tech articles also include articles on four wheel driving. It has incredible auto related tips and tricks as well as how tos. We currently don't have videos and movie clips but if you have either photo galleries or videos or movie clips, we will be glad to put them on our website. We will soon be adding a 4WD forum on our site as well. It will definitely include a forum on our best selling diesel 4x4 Toyota Hilux Vigo, as well as forums for discussion on other 4x4 vehicles as Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Fortuner SUV, Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, Isuzu Dmax, Isuzu MU-7, Mazda BT-50, Honda CRV among others. All of these makes and models of these great 4WD vehicles make great offroad vehicles.

If you are a local 4WD club and have events to report, we will be glad to place them on our website. Sam Motors Thailand is not only the place for 4WD vehicles but also quality spare parts and accessories. Whether you are an enthusiast, beginner, intermediate or advanced offroader, we can get you the ride of your dream. Whether you are looking for campers, tents, covers, lids, liners, lighting, tires, lights, rims, wheels, spacers, suspension, wheelspacers, trailers, hitches, towing winches, gps units, dvd players or any quality accessory.

Sam Motors Thailand is your one-sbest source for off road and 4x4 trucks, SUVs, parts, accessories, rims, wheels and lighting! With world's largest inventory of everything 4x4 from tires and wheels, lift kits, winches, tonneau covers, canopies, front bumpers, DVD players, wood trim kits, and much more, we have everything you need to help you fulfill your 4WD truck, SUV and Jeep customization projects. Discover why dealers all over the world trust Sam for all their off road and 4x4 needs.

Trucks For Sale

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Take a few moments to browse our website and get to know the friendly faces of our staff. We are 4x4 enthusiasts and offroading experts as you are and understand its requirements as much as you do, and we are determined to do it the right way. Or your needs might have changed and we will get you what you need when you need it. Whether you are an enthusiast or a dealer we can get you 4x4 truck or SUV of you dream when you need it.

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When you think Jeep, you likely see an image of the classic, original SUV perched on a boulder, ready to rumble down the hilly paths, carrying you safely home from your adventures. At Soni, we understand what is important to you; after all, we all drive trucks and cars, and we have to go through the process of buying them as well. Sam Motors Thailand is the right place for you to find the car or truck of your dreams at the best price in town because prices in our dealerships are always discounted.

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How do we do it? We make it our mission. In fact, it is part of our mission to earn our customers loyalty and respect by treating them in a fair, open and honest manner. We are proud to be Thailand's best auto dealer and Dubai's best auto dealer.

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Our best customers are also our best salesmen and 80% of our business is repeat and referral business, so we understand the value of doing it right for you, every time. So when your Strada muffler won't muffle, or you toss a rod in your Toyota Vigo, shoot us an email at and we will be glad to send you the part you need. The legendary, original sport utility vehicle is on our lot, waiting for you to sbest by and take it for a spin. We export not only Right Hand Drive 4x4 from Thailand but also Left Hand Drive 4x4 trucks and SUVs. Our Dubai division can get you a brand new Left Hand Drive Japanese, American, or European 4x4 truck, jeep or SUV of your choice or used Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive 4x4s or cars.

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At Sam Motors Thailand, our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand and Sam Motors Dubai we defy the stereotype of auto dealerships and the experience of buying a vehicle. When you own a Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado 4x4, you understand quality workmanship. Jeep is well known for their line of trail rated Four by Fours, like the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee, as well as the new Commander, but the Liberty's special style attracts a special kind of buyer. A Toyota Hilux Vigo enthusiast will not touch Mitsubishi L200 Triton who will not even look at a Nissan Navara. Whatever your fancy we have it available new or used, right hand drive or left hand drive in our Thailand or Dubai offices.

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Automobiles Sales at Dubai's largest automobile dealer Sam Motors Dubai and Thailand's best automobile dealer Sam Motors Thailand. When you walk onto a dealer lot you should feel like you just stepped out of a limousine and on to the Red Carpet. But more importantly you should get a honest deal. Honesty was always important in a dealer but it is essential when purchasing over the Internet. For 97 years our name has stood for a honest deal and we are not just honest we also offer you the best deal in town. No dealer can give you a better price, better quality, better selection and deliver to you what was promised quickly and efficiently.

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At Sam Motors Thailand, our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand and Sam Motors Dubai we live by this model of business every day. We never promise more than we can deliver, and always deliver what we promise. Email us now at or to get your Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Drive vehicles of your choice.

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If you can imagine a Toyota vehicle we can provide it. From Thailand we can provide world's best selling 4x4 pickup Toyota Hilux Vigo and Hilux based SUV Toyota Fortuner. From our Dubai office we can provide Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive Toyota Prado, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and most other models of Toyota. Whether you need a car or 4x4 or RHD or LHD Sam Motors Thailand and Sam Motors Dubai have you covered. So why should you buy your next car, Jeep or 4x4 from our dealership? We know this is a very valid question, and we count on you asking it. We never make promises we cannot keep, and we always deliver on the promises we make and we have been offering honest service, low price, quick delivery, best selection, best quality and best service for the past 97 years and are proud to be Asia's oldest and most reliable dealerships. Find out why we are called Asia's First Family of Automotive Retailing and are respected as keeper of Asia's best automotive traditions.

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Our new and used 4x4 Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Mitsubishi L200 Strada, L200 Sportero and Mitsubishi Pajero are ready for delivery in our Thailand and Dubai offices. Whether your fancy is Right Hand Drive L200 or Pajero or Left Hand Drive L200 or Mitsubishi Pajero, Sam Motors can help. Are you a 4x4 fanatic? Does the thought of trucking down dirt roads and letting nothing get in the way of your adventure give you goose bumps? If you'd rather walk than drive anything but trucks, then you are in good company at Sam Motors Thailand, our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand and Sam Motors Dubai . Shopping for a new truck or car is just part of the experience.

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If you want variety, you have come to the right place. Taking your outings off the beaten path and crossing dry riverbeds (or even not-so-dry riverbeds,) conquering muddy stretches of earth that would leave the family sedan buried to the hubcaps, reaching heights of unpaved hills: all of these adventures are within reach when you own a Four by Four. We aim to be the premier Jeep auto dealership in Asia by providing each and every one of our customers an exceptional shopping, buying, service and ownership experience.

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Sbest by or give us a call today and let us help you find it! Sooner or later, you are going to be in the market for quality Toyota truck parts, and you are going to want them fast. Are you scouring the Internet for the best in used Toyota trucks? Do you need a reliable partner to help you find and buy the perfect vehicle for you? If so, you've come to the right place; we are here for you. Our Accessories are best notch quality and the lowest price in town.

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Sam Motors Dubai is the right place to buy a car in Asia. The Wrangler, the Liberty, the Grand Cherokee, and the new 2006 Commander are all fine examples of trail rated vehicles, and nearly all Jeep dealers carry them. We can get you any American, German, Japanese or Thai 4x4 or car of your choice.

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Auto sales is the very reason that car dealerships exist; folks need to buy cars and trucks, and there needs to be businesses who will supply them. We are the dealer where you will find best of the line Toyotas, both new and used, and where you will find the best prices and best quality this side of Milky Way Galaxy. You lead a busy life; whether you a dealer, government official, NGO volunteer or an individual buyer and your money is precious you don't want to waste your time and money on a dishonest exporter bent on making a fast buck at his customers expense. We have a 97 years tradition of honesty, low prices, high quality, best selection and superior customer service to uphold and no one has ever been fired or disappointed when purchasing from either Sam Motors Thailand, our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand and Sam Motors Dubai.

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Our sales department understands this fact, and works hard to ensure that you come to believe, as we do, that our dealerships in Thailand and Dubai are the right places to buy a car no matter where you are located. Any model Jeep or 4x4 is perfect for towing adventure equipment up the mountain, and stylish enough for a night on the town. So the next time you are driving up a winding mountain path, or perhaps have a need to haul a heavy load out where the roads just don't go, and you find yourself wishing for the power of four wheel drive, keep our vast selection of 4x4 trucks in mind. If you want a Jeep Cherokee Sam Motors Dubai can help and if you want Toyota Hilux Vigo Sam Motors Thailand can help. If you already own Toyota Hilux Vigo, our great range of accessories are of highest quality and are the cheapest in the world. If you need Toyota Vigo parts, we can help as well. Email us now at or

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If you like to take a Four by Four off road, however, you will need the maximum in durability and reliability in your vehicle. Perhaps you own a Durango, and want to upgrade to a RAM 2500. 4-liter Power Tech I4, an available 3.

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Sam Motors Dubai is your one sbest source for Jeep Wrangler. Are you looking for an automatic transmission, or manual? Do you want a convertible or a hard top? Are you in the market for a car, or a truck? Do you need the power of four-wheel drive, or just something to get you through traffic on your daily commute to work and school? You have specific needs for your vehicle, and we are ready to listen to them.

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The only way to do that is to provide our customers with the most exceptional, total truck ownership experience possible, including service and repair. We have made it our mission to provide those essential elements to you, whether you are one of our valued repeat customers, a new customer, or just browsing your way through our full line of new and used Jeeps and 4x4s.

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Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. At Sam Motors Thailand, our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand and Sam Motors Dubai , where we are dedicated to long-term customer dealer relationships. Our sales staff will be available to answer all your questions and address your needs as quickly and honestly as possible.

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Are you looking for a 2001 Toyota Hilux Tiger, or is a Valiant more your style? Whatever make and model Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, Chevy, Mazda, Honda or Chrysler car you are seeking, our dealerships in Thailand and Dubai have got you covered. We know that customers make the best sales people, and we are determined to convert as many potential customers over to loyal, long term customers as we can; we are proud of the fact that over eighty percent of our business comes from repeat and referral customers! The best of the auto dealers in Thailand and Dubai is ready to serve you, our valued customer.

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New rims, shocks, spark plugs, batteries you name it. Our dealership is committed to offering you the best selection and the best service around. SUV and 4x4 owners are everywhere in the world, and we here at Sam Motors Thailand, our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand and Sam Motors Dubai understand your need for the freedom they bring.

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When your Jeep is in need of quality parts at the right price, contact our parts and accessories department via email at Automobile sales is just like any other industry in that there is a right way to go about it, and a wrong way. Here in Asia, there is one dealership that does it the right way.

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Our selection of pre-owned vehicles are of the highest quality, and are ready for you to inspect and take for a test drive. We will be in touch to let you know if your requested time is available, and if it isn't, we will work with you to find another time that works for you. You want to have your pickup serviced by the most expertly trained technicians, the kind who only promise what they can deliver, and then actually deliver what they promise.

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No matter what your requirements of accessories, rim, wheels, lighting or parts, Sam Motors Thailand is here to serve all your parts and accessories needs. 4-liter Power Tech I4 with HD Six-speed manual transmission, 15 x 7-inch steel wheels and a convenient mini floor console. Few vehicles grant the freedom of a 4x4 truck or SUV, and the Jeep Liberty is no exception. Toyota Hilux Vigo remains Thailand's biggest 4x4 export and its demands continues to increase despite falling US$ an a stiff competition from Mitsubishi L200 Triton and Nissan Navara.



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