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Mitsubishi Strada L200 and Triton

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2008 Mitsubishi Triton (or Storm)

Mitsubishi L200 Strada was a world leader in many markets but then Toyota Vigo was released at the end of 2004 and it ate everyone's lunch and emerged as the best selling pickup in a matter of few months. The 2006 Mitsubishi Triton was Mitsubishi's response to Toyota Vigo and in these two years it has made its place. For detailed specs on Triton please click on  Triton has replaced Mitsubishi L200 Strada so the below details are for pre-owned quality second hand L200. If you are interested in quality preowned Mitsubishi L200 Strada, Sam Motors is the in place as no one has exported as many Mitsubishi L200 to as many countries as world's largest 4x4 Exporter - Sam Motors Thailand. Email us now at to get your used or new L200 now from Sam Motors Thailand, Sam Motors Dubai or our parent company Sam Auto Group Thailand.



Produced by Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd, the new Triton (known as L200, Storm on export markets) builds on the success of its predecessor, including:

- Over 700,000 units exported out of Thailand since 1988

- FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup Winner in 2003

-Race-bred styling

Previewed during the 2005 Dakar Rally as “Truck Evolution”, the new L200 owes much of its design inspiration to the 2002 Pajero Evo 2+2 concept and the Pajero Evolution racer, with its nearly identical sharp lines, evocative Mitsubishi “Mount Fuji” grille and firm stance.

Elaborating on this theme, Mitsubishi Motors designers approached the pickup concept with fresh eyes. They turned the bed into a bold styling feature, instead of a mere box, and gave the cabin the largest interior room in the segment, as expected from a Sports Utility Truck (S.U.T.).

Driving machine Available in Single Cab, Club Cab and four-door Double Cab body types, the new L200 will also add high driving standards to the mid-size pickup equation, with its contemporary SUV-like permanent Super Select 4-wheel drive system, active stability and traction control with 17” wheels and a tight, class-leading turning circle.

Triton offers all the key work-related attributes, whilst being eminently capable on and off-road, thanks to its totally redesigned hydro-formed fully boxed frame and new independent front suspension and rear live axle set-up.

Engine options in Thailand include: 1, 2.5-liter Indirect Turbodiesel (4D56) capable of 90 PS @ 4000 rpm and 197 Nm @ 2000 rpm 2, 2.5-liter DI-D Hyper Common Rail Turbo (4D56), capable of 116 PS @ 4000 rpm and 247 Nm @ 2000 rpm 3, 2.5-liter DI-D Hyper Common Rail Turbo Intercooler (4D56), capable of 140 PS @ 4000 rpm and 321 Nm @ 2000 rpm 4, 3.2-liter DI-D Hyper Common Rail Turbo Intercooler (4M41), capable of 165 PS @ 4000 rpm and 351 Nm @ 2000 rpm.

For more details on Mitsubishi Triton please see

Mitsubishi Strada L200 Introduction

The pioneer of the Double cab culture - Mitsubishi Strada - is a popular truck all over the world. It is marketed under various names, it is Storm in Malaysia, Triton in Australia, L200 in Europe and Colt in South Africa. No matter what the name, Strada stands out as a superb truck which is a subtle combination of the beauty and the beast.

Mitsubishi has introduced its brand new 2006 model christened Triton. Please see for its specifications.

Two Mitsubishi trucks won best accolades in the Thailand Car of the Year Awards presented at the 26th Bangkok International Motor Show on March 30, 2005. At a ceremony on March 28, the organizers of the show presented the Mitsubishi Grandis minivan (Space Wagon in Thailand) with the Best MPV Award and the Strada pickup with the Best Export Pickup Award.

L200 is undoubtedly a leader in its class. Its been voted Best Pick-up by UK's "What Van?" Magazine 6 times in the last 8 years! This is an outstanding vehicle designed with reliability, style and performance in mind. Single, Club or Double cab pick-up can cope will all your business needs and if off road is a must the L200 benefits from the technology derived from the Shogun's 4 wheel drive dominance. This cab is so far ahead it's in a league of its own! In the Philippines, the Strada is one of the favorites in pick-up category and it remained the number one bestseller 4x4 pick-up from 1997 to 2003 while the Grandis, which was just introduced this January, is fast becoming a popular high end MPV.

Strada is available in Single Cabs (2.5 and 2.5 with P/S) and Megacabs version. The concept of Megacab encompasses both Extra and Double Cabs. Megacab is available in 2WD (2.5, 2.5 GL, 2.8 GLX manual and auto) and 4WD (Super 2.8 GLS and 2.5 VG Turbo GLS) versions.

Here we deal with Single, Club or Double Cab in slightly more detail.

Single Cab
Single cab 2 wheel drive can carry an impressive 1160kg payload. You can choose from the Single cab 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. The L200 is quite simply the most credible pick-up you'll ever find.


Club or Crew or Extra Cab
The 4WD Club Cab is equally at home cruising the highways or exploring the wilderness. But with its extra-large cargo bed, the Club Cab is ready, willing and able to handle the toughest on- or off-road labour. With the roomiest interior in its class, it offers not only leg-, hip- and shoulder-room, but also a comfortable, user-friendly driving experience.


Double or G-Cab
Power comes as standard in an L200 with the 2.5 litre turbo charged 113 bhp diesel engine, delivering a massive 177lbs. Ft. at just 2000 rpm and will happily pull a mighty 2700kg. The Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab will deal with whatever you throw at it!!

Strada Exterior

Cargo to haul? Room to spare.
You'll be hard pressed to fill the easy-access cargo bed to capacity - but that doesn't sbest most L200 drivers from trying. Roomy enough for recreational gear and tough enough for working materials, the cargo bed of the L200 also has a double-walled structure supporting long-term performance.

Strada Interior

Amenities and Equipment for Driving Comfort


Triple Meter Audio System Seat under tray (passenger side)


Easy to enter... Hard to leave.
The freedom you need. The comfort you demand. The driver-oriented cockpit of the L200 lets you work the way you want while placing everything within easy reach. All-round visibility enhances safety while building on a satisfying sense of space - just ask your passengers. Sporty features like the multi-meter hint at off-roading fun. An environment that's practical, durable and downright enjoyable - just remember to spend some time at your destination before piling back in for the ride home.









L200 Performance

Feel the power. Know the difference.

A broad choice of available engines makes it easy to select the power package that suits your needs. For powerful performance that's as well-suited to leisure as it is to your workload, the Intercooled Turbocharged diesel version offers a balance of power and comfort through maximized torque at low rpm. There are also normally aspirated diesel models that deliver plenty of torque for everyday driving. Whichever model you select, and whatever your needs, the L200 has the power to satisfy.

Engine line-up

A choice of three diesel engines comprising the 2.5-liter engine with or without an intercooled turbocharger and the 2.8-liter intercooled, turbocharged engine. The 2.8-liter model comes equipped with 4-speed automatic transmission, while all models blend impressive torque with high power and economic performance.

Built to work. Bred to rally.

The hard-working L200 inherits all the handling brilliance of Mitsubishi's long line of rallying champions. So it's more than ready to take on the toughest jobs you can throw at it. And when the work's done, rally-proven Easy Select 4WD will gladly take you and your off-road friends wherever your adventurous spirit leads you.


Easy Select 4WD

(Double Cab 4WD 2.5 Intercooled Turbocharged Diesel only) Enabling smooth control from the comfort of the driver's seat, this 4WD system uses three transfer modes to deliver high-speed driving comfort and ensure superior traction on a variety of challenging surfaces. When conquering the roughest terrain, shift between 4H and 4L only with the L200 fully stopped. You can shift on the fly between 2H and 4H at speeds of up to 100km/h, thanks to the free-wheel front differential.


Part-time 4WD

Designed especially for the practical L200 user, this Part-time 4WD system handles heavy-duty workloads with easy maintenance. The driver is required to sbest the car and manually engage/disengage 4WD.


4 -speed automatic transmission

(2.8-liter Intercooled Turbocharged Diesel only) The 4A/T features a hold mode button for even smoother performance.


Front double-wishbone & rear rigid leaf-spring suspensions

The front suspension provides responsive handling, greater stability and enhanced riding comfort. The rear suspension offers the benefit of wider tracks that provide greater stability, especially during cornering.


L200 Safety: Active Safety

Safety first. Strength that lasts.

Rigorous rally experience has benefited the L200 in all areas of its development, including such high-priority aspects as safety and durability. The L200 is built to protect both occupants and cargo.


ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

During hard braking and on slippery roads, ABS helps to prevent wheel-lock and maintain steering control.

EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution)

When braking with many people or a heavy load onboard, EBD maximizes braking force in the rear wheels, regardless of road conditions.

Rear LSD (Limited Slip Differential)

Provides superior traction in slippery conditions through transferal of driving torque from a slipping wheel to one which has traction.

Passive Safety

Driver’s airbag

An SRS front airbag inflates in the event of a frontal impact, offering maximized protection when used in conjunction with the 3-point ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelts in front.

Front and rear seatbelts

Front 3-point ELR and rear 3-pont ELR/ALR seatbelts on Double Cab models help reduce occupant injures.

Body construction

Embracing front and rear crushable zones and strategic reinforcements that absorb and redirect collision impact energy, the body construction of the L200 provides maximum safety for driver and passengers in the event of an accident.

Durable ladder frame

The L200’s strong ladder frame, with large side-members, increases torsional rigidity for improved safety and durability.

Anti-trapping power windows

(2.5-liter I/C T/D only)


Strada 2005 Single Cab in Brief

Model : L200 2WD Single Cab 2.5
Engine Type : 4D56 Inline 4 SOHC
Engine Capacity : 2477
Style : Single Cab
Driving System : 2WD
Transmission : Manual 5 Speed

Strada Extra and Double Cab in Brief

Model :

L200 2WD Mega Cab GL 2.5

L200 2WD Super 2.8 GLX ABS/SRS L200 2WD Super 2.8 GLX ABS/SRS L200 2WD G-CAB 2.5 L200 2WD G-CAB Super 2.8 GLX ABS/SRS L200 2WD G-CAB Super 2.8 GLX ABS/SRS Auto L200 4WD G-CAB 2.8 Turbo GLS ABS/SRS L200 4WD G-CAB 2.8 Turbo GLS ABS/SRS Auto


Type :

4D56 Inline 4 SOHC 4M40 Inline 4 SOHC 4M40 Inline 4 SOHC 4D56 Inline 4 SOHC 4M40 Inline 4 SOHC 4M40 Inline 4 SOHC 4M40 Turbo Intercooler 4M40 Turbo Intercooler

Engine Capacity :

2477 2835 2835 2477 2835 2835 2835 2835

Style :

Extra Cab Extra Cab Extra Cab Double Cab Double Cab Double Cab Double Cab Double Cab

Driving System :


Trans-mission :

Manual 5 Speed Manual 5 Speed Manual 5 Speed Manual 5 Speed Manual 5 Speed Automatic 4 Speed Manual 5 Speed

Automatic 4 Speed

Dimensional VIews

L 200 4WD Strada Mega Cab GLX SPecifications

Dimension & Weight
Overall Length (mm) 4890
Overall Width (mm) 1695
Overall Height (mm) 1765
Wheelbase (mm) 2855
Tread Front (mm) 1420
Tread Rear (mm) 1435
Ground Clearance (mm) 215
Curb Weight (kg) 1600
Gross Weight (kg) 2725
Engine Type 4M40 4-cycle, 4-cylinder In Line
Displacement (cc) 2835
Bore x Stroke (mm x mm) -
Compression Ratio -
Max. Power (ps/rpm) 97 (71kW) /4000
Max. Torque (kgm/rpm) 19.8/2000
Fuel System Watercooler Diesel
Fuel Tank (litre) 74
Fuel Consumption (litre/km) -
Transmission 5 Speed M/T
Gear Ratio 1st 4.330
Gear Ratio 2nd 2.355
Gear Ratio 3rd 1.509
Gear Ratio 4th 1.000
Gear Ratio 5th 0.833
Gear Ratio Reverse 4.142
Gear Ratio Final 4.636
Steering Type Recirculating B & N Power Asst.
Turn Radius (m) 6.4
Brake System -
Brake Front 15' Ventilated Disc
Brake Rear Leading and trailing drums with LSPV
Suspension Front Independent double wishbone, Torsion Bar Spring with Shock Absorber and Stabilizer
Suspension Rear Rigid Axle, Leaf Spring with Shock Absorber
Tyre & Wheel
Tyre Size 205/80 R16
Wheel 6JJ - 16


Strada Double Cab GLS and GLX Specifications   




Overall Length (mm) 4995 4890
Overall Width (mm) 1775 1695
Overall Height(mm) 1800 1765
Wheelbase(mm) 2970 2855
Front Tread(mm) 1465 1420
Rear Tread(mm) 1480 1435
Gruond Clearance(mm) 235 215
Kerb Weight(kg) 1725 1600
Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 2730 2725
Max. Speed(km/h)  
Min. Turning Radius(m) 6.4 6.4
Type 4D56, Intercooler Turbo Diesel 4M40, Watercooler Diesel
Displacement (cc) 2477 2835
Bore x Stroke (mm x mm)  
Compression Ratio  
Max. Output( PS/rmp ) 100 (73kW)/4200 97 (71kW)/4000
Max Torque ( kgm/rpm ) 24.5/2000 19.8/2000
Fuel System  
Fuel Tank Capacity( litre) 75 74
Steering Recirculating B & N Power Asst. Recirculating B & N Power Asst.
Front Suspension Independent Double Wishbone Independent Double Wishbone
Rear Suspension Rigid Axle, Leaf Spring with Shock Absorber Rigid Axle, Leaf Spring with Shock Absorber
Front 16" Ventilated Disc 15" Ventilated Disc
Rear Leading and Trailing Drums with LSPV Leading and Trailing Drums with LSPV
Front and Rear 265/70 R 16 , 7JJ - 16" Light Alloy 205/80 R 16, 6JJ - 16" Light Alloy

Double Cab GLS Gallery


Mitsubishi Strada Double Cab G-CAB GLS Specifications

G-Cab 2.8 Turbo Diesel GLS 4WD SRS ABS


4M40 Turbo Intercooler


OHV In-line SOHC

Capacity (cc)


Cylinder bore x Stoke (mm)

95.0 x 100.0

Compression Ratio :1


Maximum Power-EEC Net (Kw/rpm)


Maximum Torque-EEC Net (Nm/rpm)


Drivetrain System
Manual Transmission

Automatic Transmission


Dry-disc clutch

Torque Converter with Lock-up System

Mechanical Transmission

4-speed Automatic with Overdrive
Gear Ratios (:1)
1 st
2 nd
3 rd
4 th
5 th
Transfer (Low/ High)



Steering System




Recirculating ball and nut with power assisted

Ratio (:1)


Turns, lock-to-lock (m.)


Brake System  



Ventilated disc brake


Drum brake, leading/trailing type

Suspension System  


Independent-wishbone, torsion bar with stabilizer

Semi-eclipse Steel Leaf spring and gas-pressurized shock absorbers

Dimension / Capacity  


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Front Tread/ Rear Tread (mm)


Minimum Ground Clearance (mm)


Kerb Weight (Kg)


Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg)


Fuel Tank (Ltr)


Strada Double Cab G-Cab GLS Standard Equipments



G Cab 2.8TD GLS SRS ABS Auto



Two tone body color
Color key bumper
Chrome front grill
Chrome door mirror
Over fender
Front+rear mudguard
Chrome door outer handle
Green glass
Side step
Rear defroster
Rear bumper
High mount sbest lamp
Alloy Wheel

Map lamp
Getting on-off grip A pillar
Triple meter
Digital Clock
Radio cassette 4 speaker
Full function A/C panel
Chrome door inner handle
Cup holder
Silver console panel
Lever type parking brake control
Power Steering
Tilt Steering
Intermittent wiper - variable
Ignition key with illumination
Center door lock
Keyless entry system
Storage box under front seat
Electric door mirror
Power window
Seat - Fabric
Seat - Leather
Rear Center armrest
Foot Rest
Fuel lid opener
Key Warning Sound
Headlamp Warning Sound
Safety Equipments

Adjustable XENON Headlamp
Laminated front windshield
Side door impact bar
Rear Windshield Heater
4 Seats 3-Point Safety Belt
ABS with EBD
Dual SRS Airbag
Collapsible Steering Wheel
Day/Night Mirror
4-Step Windshield Wiper
Speed Adjustable

Speed Adjustable

Drivetrain System Signal
Door Warning Light
Safety Belt Warning Light
Baby Safety Lock

Double G-Cab GLS Accessories



G Cab 2.8TD GLS SRS ABS Auto

Color Key Rear Bumper
Color Key Side Step
CD Player
Alpha Rear Canopy
Stainless Steel A-Bar
Front Spotlamps
Rear Towbar
Trailer Light Socket
Roof Rack

Remark : All specifications are subject to change without prior notice
= Standard Equipment,= Special Equipment, = Not Available

GLX Gallery


Double Cab GLX Specifications Summary

4x2 Double Cab
G-Cab Super  GLX
G-Cab Super GLX
G-Cab Super GLX
Engine Grade (Diesel):
2.8 cc
Model Code
Manual 5-Speed
Windscreen safety glass, Side Impact Beams,
3-point ELR seat belt x 4, LSPV
ABS/SRS + EBD Brakes, Windscreen safety glass, Drivers Airbag, Side Impact Beams,
3-point ELR seat belt x 4.
Wheel Types:
14" Alloy

Power windows, Power steering, Radio cassette w/ 4-speakers, On-board computer, Kmh Speedos (Mph optional), Fabric seats, Cup holder, Central locking, Electric door mirrors, Storage box under seat.

Side steps, Chrome door mirror, Air conditioner, Power windows, Power steering, Radio cassette w/ 4-speakers, On-board computer, Kmh Speedos (Mph optional), Fabric seats, Cup holder, Central locking, Electric door mirrors, Storage box under seat.
























Color Guide
Deep Blue Mica (P)/
Warm Silver (M)
Timber Green (P)/
Warm Silver (M)
Medium Red (P)/
Warm Silver (M)
Pyreness Black (P)/
Warm Silver (M)
Oriental Burgundy (P)/
Warm Silver (M)
Warm Silver (M)
Pyreness Black (M)

GLS and GLX Colors

Double Cab GLS
Deep Black Mica / Warm Silver Metalic
Deep Green Mica / Warm Silver Metalic
Red Solid / Warm Silver Metalic
Deep Purple Mica / Warm Silver Metalic
Mega Cab GLX
Pyreness Black
Warm Silver Metalic
Deep Blue Mica
Medium Red


Safety Equipment

The L200's comprehensive safety systems are proof positive that at Mitsubishi, occupant protection is at least as important as ride comfort or driving performance.

Active safety systems - which help drivers avoid accidents - include LSPV-assisted brakes and optional ABS. Passive systems - which help reduce occupant injuries should an accident occur - include a highly rigid ladder frame and extensive interior use of fire-retardant materials.

Selected models enhance passive safety with SRS airbags complementing the standard 3-point seatbelts.

Other available safety measures include child-proof door locks on the rear doors of Double Cab models, a limited-slip differential on 4WD models, side door impact bars and high-mount brake lamp. Security can be significantly increased with an optional

engine immobiliser.

Reinforced body

Computer-aided design and engineering were used in making the L200's body as rigid - and subsequently safe in a collision - as possible.




Load-Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV)

The LSPV uses cargo-bed sensors to proportion rear brake hydraulic pressure to cargo bed weight, effectively preventing the brakes from locking regardless of cargo bed load

The sturdy ladder frame's reinforced front side-members minimise body deformation for improved protection from frontal impact. Monocoque A-pillars plus connecting front deck cross-members further increase body rigidity.



Load Bearing

The L200's cargo bed is not only one of the largest in its class, it's also one of the strongest, with double-wall construction for increased durability and protection against rust. The rest of the L200's body is no less corrosion-resistant, with galvanised steel used in more than 60% of panels



While Grandis moniker is reserved for minivan in other markets, Grandis line boasts pickups as well in Thailand.

Mitsubishi Motors brought Grandis to market in Japan in May 2003 as a lifestyle enriching next-generation minivan. Grandis went on sale throughout Thailand in October 2004.

Grandis is available in 2WD (2.5 and 2.8 GLX liter engine) and 4WD (2.8 Turbo GLS and 2.8 Super GLS).